So you think you know New York City- where to find the “best” pizza, coolest dive bars, and remembering to never buy a pretzel or a hot dog from street vendors on the weekends when they raise prices for tourists (if you didn’t know that, you’re welcome, now you do). With an ever-changing atmosphere and endless nooks and crannies, this city is always revealing hidden gems. Here are 3 funky, fun, and less talked about places in NYC to check out this fall that might even stump the best of this city’s vets.


d.b.a  NYC

This quirky bar with a dive backyard in the East Village is raved about by New Yorkers for their incredible selection of craft beers set on a frequent rotation. But many New Yorkers have no idea that their selection of whiskey is even better. Between their Scotch Whiskey, Canadian Whiskey, Irish Whiskey, American Whiskey, and list of preferred Bourbons, there are over 60 Whiskeys in-house to taste and choose from- one of the largest selections this island has to offer. Check out the list for yourself and 9 other less talked about Whiskey bars in NYC:



Remnants of the Berlin Wall

Is traveling to Berlin to see the Berlin Wall on your bucket list? You might be able to cross that one off sooner than expected. Paley Park at 520 Madison Avenue displays five 12 foot tall sections of the Berlin Wall. Easily mistaken for a typical, public mural, most New Yorkers miss it- or overlook it- while trying to escape from the bustling streets in this pocket park for some quiet time or a quick snooze. Make a quick trip during your lunch break tomorrow to shorten your bucket list and save yourself some frequent flyer miles. Find out more about this hidden gem here:



The Floating Library

Casually floating along Pier 25 on the west side of Manhattan is the Floating Library. Of course, the New York Library is breathtaking and New York University’s Tamiment Library holds some of the most important historical documents in U.S. history, but have you ever BYOB-ed to the main deck of a decommissioned steamship on the Hudson, completely phoneless (and, therefore, frantic), to relax and read a book? This pop-up, digital-free library offers a wide-range of reads and daily, free events to enjoy this fall in an alternative library setting in the city. Bonus: no membership needed.