Marina Moca, VPM’s Senior Sales Manager and team member of 6 years, talks about the top traits of successful salespeople, how to handle a difficult client, and shares advice for rookie salespeople.

Q: How long have you been in sales at Village Print & Media? How has the sales team evolved since you first began working here?

A: I have been with VPM for 6 years, in sales for over 5 years. There was no real sales team when I first started here. It excites me that we now have grown into a group of over 20 people working together (junior and senior levels), selling, training, and continuously expanding.

Q: What are some of the top traits of successful salespeople? What traits do you possess that you believe have contributed to your success?

A: Successful salespeople have to be good listeners, smart, committed, and always ready to offer solutions. I’ve found that these traits make a successful mix, but commitment is the key— you have to be ready to commit 150% to the client and the job. Once you do that, the path to success is there.

Q: How does Village Print & Media support you in providing excellent service to your clients?

A: VPM works as a team. Our final goal is always excellent service to our clients. We are able to achieve this through teamwork, and I love it because it makes my job so much easier, knowing that they are always there and they have my back.

Q: Can you share a few tips on how to react when a client isn’t happy?

A: Do not disappear when there are challenges. When a client is unhappy, the only thing you must do is meet with them or be on the phone with them, making sure you can find a solution to their problem.

Q: What advice can you offer to rookie salespeople?

A: I always tell rookie salespeople to work hard and commit 100% to anything they have to do. The success comes from within; you have to really want it to get it. Nothing’s free.