Linda Marsala, VPM’s Art Director and head of the design department, talks about the various design jobs she handles, some of her favorite design trends, and what it feels like to be Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2015.

Q. What kinds of design jobs do you handle for VPM?

A. As the head of the design department, I oversee all design jobs to make sure they receive the highest quality and upmost attention to creativity. Since VPM’s client base ranges across a wide spectrum of industries, we get to work on diverse projects, which I really enjoy as a designer. The Creative Services department designs brand identity and collateral material for our corporate clients, and works closely with the Specialty Printing department and Village Invites for various events. Many of the projects my team and I get to work on are very exciting. Most recently, I’ve enjoyed working with one of our entertainment clients to create an animated holiday card.


Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process?

A.  The creative process develops from the beginning stages of working with a client; we always start a new design job with a design brief and consultation concerning our client’s needs and preferences. Based on that conversation, we begin with creating inspirational boards to narrow down the direction for the overall design theme and focus. Then, we sit down to the ‘drawing board’ and sketch initial ideas and concepts. I personally like to doodle ideas down in a little notebook since it’s a natural way to generate ideas quickly. I always carry my little VPM notepad around because I often come up with the best ideas when commuting.


Q. What are some design trends that you enjoy incorporating into your work?

A. There are several. I personally love infographics because it allows you to take dry, factual information and recreate it in a way that’s fun and visually appealing. A few of my favorite trends to use in design recently include unique photography and imagery cropped in unexpected formats, minimalism, bold typography, and novel color schemes. I enjoy how these styles make print materials look exceptional, while maintaining professionalism and sophistication.


Q. As your last name is Marsala, how do you feel about sharing your name with Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2015 (Marsala).

A. A friend, a fellow designer, emailed me the news of the new Pantone color just minutes after they announced it and I found it really hilarious. I didn’t even know Marsala was a color! It’s great that after there being a notorious culinary association with my name, its meaning is broadening into the design sphere – and I don’t mind that at all!