Ariel Markowitz, VPM’s Director of Client and Corporate Experiences, talks about how to handle a specialty project, and the importance of production time.
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Q. What kind of jobs do you handle for VPM?

A. I handle anything custom printed for a high-end event. Usually it’s an extremely specialized invitation, mailer, or handout, to name a few.


Q. What is your first step when you receive a specialty job?

A. I like to consult with the client at the start of the project to get a sense of what he/she is trying to achieve with this certain piece. Two questions I always ask are, “What is the piece for?” and “What is the end goal?”


Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your process?

A. Yes. As mentioned, it all starts with an initial conversation detailing anything the client has to share about the event or project. I ask a few questions in order to get as much information as possible, though sometimes all the client can tell me is that he/she wants “something unique.” Even with minimal information, I draw upon my expertise and past experiences to provide the client with potential solutions that are in line with their needs. This can happen verbally, through photographs, or by means of mock-ups and sketches. Once I have a few creative options for my client, we can begin with the not so creative, but important logistics— delivery date, budget, cost etc. The goal is always to come up with a final product that satisfies in all categories and achieves the client’s goals. Though I do love the collaborative creative process, if a client comes to me with a fully designed piece and just needs to get it printed, I will be just as diligent in making sure that job is executed perfectly. I can also advise on printing techniques, paper options, and production in order to complete the job. It is my job to make sure that all of my clients are happy with the process and the results.


Q. What is the most frequently asked question or request for most specialty jobs?

A. I often get asked, “We want this, and can you do it?” This is actually my favorite question because I almost always say yes. I love the challenge of helping my clients attain what they think is unattainable- I take the smallest of ideas and bring them to life. Another question I’m almost always asked about concerns production time. The projects I work on do not get turned around overnight, but because we work in NYC, we understand the need for jobs to be completed as quickly as possible.