In this month’s Employee Profile, we’ve put the limelight on Village Print & Media’s Social Media Strategist, Anik Ghose. Check out how he keeps up with the ever-buzzing social world, why he thinks social media is important for small businesses, and where he sees all social platforms headed in 2016, below.

VPM: What are the first few hours of your day like at VPM? 

AG: Like most Millennials, I start the day by checking all notifications that come through our various social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), and responding to all questions and comments. Then, I peruse through our news feeds to get the 411 on what’s happening at the moment, what’s trending, and what I missed while asleep (although I rarely sleep).

Every morning, I set up all of our social media marketing content for the day and publish all of the necessary updates, posts, and tweets. Of course, content adjustments are made throughout the day depending on what’s happening at a specific moment in time in the ever-changing social world. I work especially closely with Twitter throughout the day, participating in many real-time chats regarding on-demand digital printing, design, and social media strategy.

VPM: What’s one of your favorite platforms for social media management?

AG: Definitely Buffer. It’s accessibility and usability are top notch, and Buffer really excels in their UX design. It also doesn’t hurt that they have the most flexible and reliable customer service to date, in my opinion.

VPM: What’s your favorite social platform? 

AG: Instagram. All the cool kids are on the Gram! Periscope is also on my radar as of late.

VPM: How can small business best utilize social media?

AG: In my opinion, these are the top three ways that small business should utilize social media:

  • Deliver awesome communication for any questions or concerns that your audience may have regarding your products or your business’ capabilities.
  • Create human experiences that leave lasting impressions (think in terms of amplifying your customer service)
  • Build an informative platform, whether it be Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., where you become the influencer of your industry

Also, all small businesses should follow my own personal motto: Content is King, Engagement is Divine.

VPM: Where do you think social media is headed in 2016 and beyond?

AG: In the near future, I think social media will develop into the primary source of customer service for many businesses, from small, privately owned to large corporations. Social media will be the first place consumers will go to interact with a business. Email will be dead. The new chain of communication will be on social platforms. I also forecast the general public utilizing social media to make a lot more online purchases.

VPM: We all know that you’re a crazy foodie. Which restaurant would we find you at on any given Friday? 

AG: Easy. Bamboo Ya and Ise Menkui-tei. Bamboo Ya’s food is incredible; it’s so fresh and flavorful. Ise Menju-tei is my go-to place when I’m in the mood for ramen and Japanese…which happens often.