No one likes being late.  It not only looks unprofessional and thoughtless to friends and colleagues alike, but adds unneeded stress to your life. Eliminate anxiety by utilizing transportation apps for any last minute plans or unexpected changes—New York City is not waiting for you, but you can at least plan ahead so you wait less. Below are some of the most innovative and intuitive apps available right now to make your travel faster, better, stronger:

Plan your trip ahead of time using Hop Stop. Now there’s no excuse for getting lost or being late: Hop Stop developed an intuitive app which can give you subway and walking directions in a pinch. The best part? It’s free for any smart phone & can be accessed on all web browsers. This way, you will know exactly what to anticipate: how long the trip will take and where to transfer if necessary.

Think the MTA never does anything right? They actually do (well, sometimes…) Their Weekender app is now available for all droids and phones operating on iOS 7.0. It displays real-time train arrival information at all 154 stations. Don’t forget MTA Bus Time: while it isn’t a standard application, it works in three easy ways: from any smart phone or web browser, just go to bustime.mta.info and enter a bus route, street address, or bus stop code. You can even text an intersection or street address to 511123 from any cell phone to receive a message listing local bus routes, or use a QR code reader to scan a QR Code on the Guide-A-Ride schedule posted at bus stops.

Need mobile subway maps? New York Subway Map is a complete guide to the NYC subway system that includes the official MTA licensed subway maps, line data, and a GPS based station finder. It’s even currently available in eight different languages! If you’re visiting a friend in an unfamiliar neighborhood, there’s never a reason to fret.

Have a long commute back home and don’t feel like waiting for the subway? Use Uber. With Uber, you can order a car just by tapping your location on a digital map. Don’t have cash? No problem. It’s cashless and convenient, as you can pay by credit card and even split your fare with friends.

-Not sure which block is better to hail a cab? CabSense literally shows which street corners in NYC are best for finding a ride. Cab activity is estimated by algorithms determined by the pick-up locations of over 90 million taxi trips.

Are you an avid cyclist? Bikester paves the way for bike lanes by providing a map based on the data for the city’s official cycling map for all five boroughs. You can even zoom in to view the city’s 7,366 bike stands.