One of Disney’s most beloved classics, “The Jungle Book,” is once again capturing the hearts of millions through it’s latest live-action remake in theaters now. Not only is it dominating the box office, but it has given itself to becoming one of the most distinctive animated “live action” feature films ever.

What does this mean?
To put it simply, the mixed media used to create this movie is pushing technological boundaries that blur the lines between live-action and animation unlike ever before. For instances, Mowgli, played by a human actor, walks through life-like, digitally painted scenery accompanied by a computer generated Baloo the Bear (voiced by Bill Murray). To the naked eye, it all seems like live action. What is clear is that this one of the most innovative films to date. On the other hand, what isn’t clear is that even the filmmaker’s don’t know what kind of innovative film this is or what it should be categorized as.

Why is this important?
In 2015, Disney/Pixar’s animated “Inside Out” movie got duped from receiving an Oscar nomination for best picture because it was animated. On the flip side, Warner Bros. Picture’s “Gravity” did receive a nomination for best picture, even though most of the movie was created through digital enhancements, minus the astronauts, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. With live-action and animation both being heavily used in “The Jungle Book,” it will be interesting to see which category the Academy will decide to recognize this film in (because us and the rest of the world are positive it will receive a nomination of some sort).

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