New York City is always booming with amazing new street art from local to world-renowned artists. On any given day, you can take a stroll around SoHo, the Bowery, or Bushwhick and are guaranteed to come across newly painted gems set against brick walls, garages, and mailboxes. Recently, one of the hottest street artist to take on New York City is the talented Dirt Cobain. This LA native got his start a few years ago when he decided to take his old canvas paintings and turn them into life-size visuals on the famous Melrose Avenue, where street artists are invited to paint in specific lots every weekend. Some of his most well-known works of art are the multi neon-colored faces of Sade,”Cruizin for a Boozin” bottle, “Dirty Style” bunny skull, “Hard Times,” melted ice cream cone, and “BAR’D SIMPSON” face. But right now, the most popular piece to hit New York City and flood your Instagram feed is Dirt Cobain’s “You Get Me So High” bottle in Nolita. This #TumblePink creation seamlessly flows into the facade of the pink-themed restaurant Pietro Nolita. Everyone from artists, to fashion bloggers, to foodies, are heading to this hot spot with one goal in mind— “do it for the ‘gram.”

Here are a few locations where you can check out Dirt Cobain’s work in and around New York City. Love what you see? You can purchase a number of his pieces in t-shirt form here.

“U Get Me So High” – Pietro Nolita


“Cruising for a Boozin” – Sunnyside, Queens

“Hard Times” – JMZ Walls in Bushwick, Brooklyn

“A Fashion Nerd” – Bushwhick, Brooklyn 

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