Death to the Stock Photo is not only a popular photo distributor, but an occurrence that is spreading like wildfire throughout the web this year. With the rise of free stock photography circulating digital platforms thanks to groups like the aforementioned one, people are finally saying goodbye to staged stock photography and embracing creative content. Websites, blogs, and apps are opting to use imagery that depicts natural landscape, cityscapes, and portrait-like photos provided by company’s like Death to the Stock Photo, Unsplash, and Stocksy. Taking this concept a step further, Unsplash provides “Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos.” All you have to do is select your favorite photo, right-click, and download to your desktop. Photographer’s names are listed under each of the photos provided if you feel like giving credit where credit is due; beyond this, the photographs are yours for the taking. 

So, why all the commotion over stock photography? Plain and simple: people are tired of looking at cheesy photos. While web developers, bloggers, and creative heads might have had an inkling about this for some time now, the recent formulation of these companies are giving people a feasible solution to work with. Therefore, expect to see some amazing photography implemented across various digital platforms in 2016 and beyond.

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