Village Print & Media thrives in the most demanding city, working at New York speed. Providing clients with quality service is not enough for Village Print & Media—our customer service representatives describe how building strong relationships with our clients is integral to success on all levels—we don’t just provide flawless printing, we’ve got your back. While New York City’s physical and cultural landscape is constantly changing, the only thing that remains the same: good service wins.

One of our customer service representatives, Rosemarie Fraioli, firmly believes putting the client first is the cardinal rule of customer service. Customer service, she feels, is a hospitality-oriented position where a representative is not only accommodating the client’s needs, but educating them about the company’s products and policies. After a sale has occurred, Rosemarie is the first point-of-contact, as she communicates with the client based on ever changing needs and desires, ensuring the process is stress-free, calm, and pleasurable.

Tony Viola, Client Services Manager, explains how being a “people person” can truly go a long way: “We consider ourselves consultants. Wanting to help people has to be second nature. I build lasting relationships with clients. Being able to work under pressure, treating the client graciously, suggesting creative solutions to problems, and responding promptly are essentials to being successful.”

As Tony says, “it’s us as the company, not just me.” Tony always makes sure to ask how a client is and how their project is running in order to develop a strong rapport: “I still have clients from when I first started at the company twelve years ago. It’s not just business, it becomes personal. If you build a real connection, they will enjoy working with you.”

Sales Director Joe Ryder explains how Village Print & Media’s growth has been simply because of our dedication to service. We build a partnership of trust. Clients can rely on us to be can-doers, solution seekers, and option givers—the word no is not in our vocabulary. Joe explains that Myron Schonfeld, Owner of Village Print & Media, “taught us to put clients first, and to put ourselves in their shoes. Clients truly trust us, and because of that, we must respond with urgency, ownership, and caring. We harbor a culture of customer attentiveness. As Myron always says, ‘we are in the happiness business.’”

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