From Fendi to Warner Bros. FRIENDS, companies are using Pop-Up Shops as a means to enhance their brand awareness. Consistently revamping marketing strategies to make a brand stand out is necessary for a company’s continued success. Experimental marketing allows brands to restructure their awareness and marketing tactics by creating new experiences for their customers. Pop-Up Shops are an experimental marketing ploy that allows brands to engage with both their target audience and potential new audiences by creating customized and limited-time experiences. While this trend isn’t new, it is more popular than ever before.

Believe it or not (we’re talking to you, millennials), customers buy more if they can actually see, feel, and try on items in person, according to new retail studies found this year. Pop-Up Shops allow for this physical shopping experience, in exclusive and newly-designed settings.

Fendi, one of our clients, has been in business for almost 90 years. Even this world-renowned luxury fashion brand, that knows more than a thing or two about effective marketing strategies, felt that a Fendi Pop-Up Shop in Soho NYC would provide a platform to be more creative, reach new clientele, and generate sales.  Fendi’s CEO Pietro Beccari said that, “this Pop-Up will contribute a fresh energy to the brand and will offer the opportunity to reach a younger and cool clientele that will be welcomed in a unique and surprising environment.”

FRIENDS- New York’s beloved 90s sitcom- is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Last month, Warner Bros. created a buzz and gained revenue from fans by means of a Pop-Up Shop designed to look like the iconic Central Perk Café from the show. While the coffee was free, the memorabilia was not. Fans were able to sit on the iconic, orange couch, walk through the original café set, and then, buy all things FRIENDS related in the shop. This concept promoted the anniversary, while also presenting a chance to generate more memorabilia sales.

With the internet-age and the online shopping habits of millennials, Pop-Up Shops have presented companies with a new way to physically pull in customers to shop in-store and sell more products. As this shopping method is highly interactive and appealing, we predict that Pop-Up Shops will continue to keep trending, and remain current.