At VPM, we know a thing or two about performing under pressure. Therefore, we feel that we can attest for a brand that deals with pressure well.

Since 1965, the pressure has been put on Gatorade to perform every year. This year was no different. With the coming of Derek Jeter’s retirement, the brand saw an opportunity to make a game-changing move.  Was it in them?  Yes, it was.

Gatorade has remained current by delivering campaigns that pertain to the latest trends in sports and most talked about professional athletes for nearly 50 years. The energy drink was created at the University of Florida for the Florida Gators football team at the request of then head coach Ray Graves, in order to enhance his team’s performance. By never straying from their roots of serving athletes, Gatorade has become a staple drink within the athletic community, continuously identifying with athletes both on and off the playing field. Glorifying Jeter’s last game as a New York Yankee, by humbly thanking New York City, further displays Gatorade’s ability to successfully perform under pressure and identify with fans and athletes.

Many might have questioned if Gatorade could ever deliver as good of a performance as their Be like Mike days. If there was ever a time to prove the world wrong, it was now. Gatorade gave their performance of, arguably, a lifetime by making Jeter’s farewell commercial and changing their own logo. The brand collaborated with Jeter to create his show-stopping tribute to his fans, with his final goodbye as a New York Yankee. For the first time in history, Gatorade changed their G logo. The Yankees’ dugout featured everything from water bottles to towels with Jeter’s number 2 logo in place of Gatorade’s G. These two game-changing moves left an entirely new impression on the athletic community. Gatorade, once again, solidified their spot as a brand that is both relatable and most desired by athletes and fans worldwide.

Just like Jeter never missed a beat, neither does Gatorade. As Gatorade continues to deliver under pressure to the athletic community, they will remain current, quenching their fan’s thirst.