Women in today’s society are more “on the go” than ever before.  Their daily attire must be fit for and able to work with an array of events, from home to work to play, and everything in between.  Crammed train rides, unevenly paved city blocks, and hours of traffic highlight only a few of the headache-inducing tasks New York women deal with on their daily commutes (we won’t even get into the characters encountered every morning on the train). Since there is no way to completely relieve the commute, the only way is to work with it. Targeting affluent career women for the past 60 years, Ann Taylor has been able to continuously identify and keep up to speed with today’s working women and their multi-faceted lifestyles as they are continuously in transit- pun intended.

While remaining consistent in their traditional style of a relaxed version of classically tailored ensembles, each offset of the Ann Taylor brand (Loft, Special Collections, and now, Lou & Grey) has adapted to the current styles of each year in order to stay relevant- as does every fashion brand.  Yet, by fully embracing the women-on-the-go lifestyle in both popular fashion and the latest technology trends, Ann Taylor is able to remain desirable and current.

#AnnInTransit might be one of the few taglines to promote Ann Taylor’s new commuter-themed fall collection, but as they are letting everyone know, Ann Taylor is more than just a hashtag. Their new “The Fall Fashion Queue: Dress for Everything” collection evokes their traditional style with a fresh take, tailored to fit the hectic, millennial women’s  lifestyle and heavy reliance on social media in their everyday lives. This fall’s campaign encourages you to check out their new collection “on your phone for your commute,” via #instaAnn on Instagram and Twitter for a quick glance at their newest pieces. Options to bookmark looks, quickly scroll through Ann Taylor Instapics, or link from Twitter directly to the website to make a purchase are provided because they get it- millennial women are busy, and good internet service can be a struggle in this city.  Making all things Ann Taylor easily accessible via social media platforms allows their brand to directly connect with each individual woman, whenever it fits her schedule.

Ann Taylor’s comprehensive approach to social media with a commuter-friendly theme to advertise their already highly sought after brand is smart, relatable, and reinstates their understanding of the importance of consistently remaining current.