Today, Joe Ryder gives us tips for building a successful company.

“Your company will flourish when you take a group of smart, driven individuals and provide them with a goal that will unify them as a team. Here are 5 simple rules for creating and building great company morale.

Tell your employees how they are doing. Whether it’s good or bad news, all anyone wants to hear is the truth. It is especially important to talk with your employees when they are doing poorly. This gives them the opportunity to re-evaluate their work and fix whatever it is that they’re doing wrong. Managers have a tendency to constantly complain about employees’ work ethic, but never take the initiative to try to help them do better.

Sometimes you have to let people walk. Letting go of employees who aren’t performing is more so about honoring the hard workers, rather than giving up on the slackers. It’s easier to demoralize hard working employees than it is to motivate those choosing to do poorly.

Be fair. The rules must apply to everyone.

Give employees consistent opportunities to move up the ladder. I believe that in order to build a strong company, your foundation should consist of talent that has moved up.

Be clear about your company’s message and vision. Give your team a mantra to rally around and be proud of, regardless of outsiders’ views. Here’s an extra tip: if you have haters, you’re doing something right.”

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