With the glorious warm weather that mother nature has been giving New York City, it may not feel like the holidays are quickly approaching; but they are. Despite colder temperatures that December may bring, there truly is nothing better and more magical than the holiday season in Manhattan. From the dazzling lights that adorn all of the buildings to the infamous tree lighting in Rockefeller Center, there’s so much to look forward to, and your company’s holiday party should be included in this list. Give your employees something else to look forward to by hosting your office party at an alternative venue in New York City. Below, we’ve put together 3 spots in and around Midtown that will provide an alternative scene for a fun and festive party that you and your coworkers will never want to leave.


If you’re looking to turn your company’s holiday party up a notch but not willing to go full blast, try hosting it at Barcade. This bar offers all of the traditional elements of any old bar that you would typically host your holiday part at, with the addition of an excellent American craft beer list and a plethora of vintage video games. It’s a guaranteed good time for all.


Voted by Refinery29 as one of NYC’s best karaoke bars, Japas offers a venue where you and your coworkers can let your inner Bridget Jones  karaoke freak fly. Featuring several different party packages to choose from, Japas can accommodate both small and large groups. Enjoy a night full of ramen, sushi, and the best ’90s throwbacks you and your coworkers could possibly imagine, at a holiday party you may or may not want to ever forget.

Dos Caminos 

What’s a great way to express your appreciation for your employees and the work they’ve done all year? Surprise them with a Friday funday and head over to Dos Caminos for a holiday office brunch. If you’re a New Yorker, then brunch is in your blood. Not one of your coworkers will be disappointed by a mexican-themed holiday fiesta. Dos Caminos offers a perfectly festive atmosphere where you and your coworkers can devour some guacamole, throw back a few tequila shots, and shake some maracas into the late hours of the afternoon. And if you really want to show you care, make sure to let everyone head home for a siesta immediately following brunch.

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