The holidays are here, offering what seems like endless events to enjoy New York City even when it’s cold outside. The temperature may already be perfect for ice-skating in Bryant Park, but the real chills are only beginning to roll into the Big Apple. Winter officially begins this Sunday, December 21. Last winter proved that NYC can be absolutely brutal when it’s below freezing and the snow doesn’t want to stop falling. In the first installment of our new seasonal festivities series, City Chills, we’re going to share some tips and tricks to prepare you for a real NYC winter.

 • Equip your closet with a wardrobe that is warm, work-appropriate, and can bear the possibility of being covered in a white blanket with a few essential pieces.

•  Commuting to work in the winter is simply a nightmare. The Path and Subway are overly crowded, trains are delayed due to frozen tracks, and hailing a taxi is even less likely than pigs flying. Many brave souls took an alternative route to work last winter and continue to do so this season by biking. Yes, even in winter cycling enthusiasts trek through the NYC streets to avoid train delays and crammed subway cars. Prepare by taking a Winter Riding 101 class to extend your cycling season through spring.

• Nothing will drive you crazier than heading out for happy hour and standing in the freezing cold while your coworkers decide on a spot. Check out this list of bars with fireplaces around the city to have on hand if you find yourself in this annoying, yet all too familiar situation.

•  For the night that there are endless taxi cabs rolling down Fifth Ave unlit, always have these two apps on hand: Uber and Lyft. This may seem like a no brainer, but you would be surprised as to how many people still don’t make use of these taxi companies. If you’re determined to accomplish the impossible, here are six tips to successfully hailing a cab in NYC that even this city’s vets may not know.