Ever feel as though you need a change in perspective? Knowing this feeling all too well, French photographer Charles Pétillon constructed “Heartbeat,” a 177 foot long installation of 100,000 illuminated white balloons in London’s Covent Garden. For his first ever public installation, Pétillon set out to create a piece that would change people’s perspective about one of the most familiar places in London, giving returning visitors an entirely new experience in the space. He also wanted to put rumors to rest and confirm that his photo series “Invasions” isn’t faked nor Photoshopped.

In a statement about his work, Pétillon says that his “balloon invasions” photo series and installations are metaphors designed to change people’s perceptions of space and get them to reconsider parts of familiar landscapes they might otherwise take for granted.

“Heartbeat” is on view through the end of September 2015. See the construction of Pétillon’s installation and reactions to the piece here.

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