This week, we introduced one of VPM’s newest creative services, Gamification. Say what? Here’s a quick recap:

With a knack for creative innovation, we set out on mission “So Long, Farewell Boring Training Manuals” to invest in a learning and development product that’s just as addicting as Candy Crush, but offers more productivity and valuable results in the workplace. Hence, Gamification—the use of game mechanics and design to playfully stimulate behavior. Basically, it’s mobile or web-based gameplay used for purposes like product and brand training that won’t make you fall asleep. It’s a tool to help employers and consumers retain every bit of information you throw at them by means of a fun, engaging, and interactive experience.
You can check at out all of the details we covered on Monday about Gamification, here. Today we’re going to take a quick look at 3 of our favorite game options we have to offer:

Brand Crush (Candy Crush Game Engine)

Brand Crush game engine capitalizes on the popularity of Candy Crush as one of casual gaming’s hottest genres. In this Match 3 game, swap adjacent items to make matches of 3 or more items using your keen eye and quick responses. Every time a combo of four or more is made, bonus brand themed objects and logos appear as the score multiplies. Branded key art is always present on the game interface, and between levels, learning Q&A and brand factoids appear.


Trivia Game Show Engine
Trivia Game Show capitalizes on the proven popularity of games like You Don’t Know Jack and Trivia Crack. Trivia Game Show features a Quizmaster, who guides the action via still images and off-screen V/O. Players answer multiple-choice questions across five learning categories based on client content. The trivia challenge entertains as it educates, driving employees to compete to show what they know about culture, products, and services.

Training reinforcement occurs after each question, as a coaching tip or add-on message appears. These tips coach specifically about the learned material, or can deliver from a series of randomly selected screens featuring host commentary.


The Conversation Engine

The Conversation Engine delivers “virtual role-play” scenarios that teach and reinforce key subject-specific skills and behaviors. The player takes on the role of an avatar and participates in a dialogue with another character to make choices and earn responses. This engine is an engaging way to learn and reinforce skills, depicting business processes and human interactions that occur in real-life situations. It’s configurable to serve different scenes, new scripts, and offers a library of 5 different avatar personnel and 4 different environments.


Now, if you’re sitting in an office in NYC, put Candy Crush down and contact your sales rep at VPM to learn more about implementing Gamification into your company’s education and training programs.