If you think print is dead, think again. If there’s one piece of paper that will never go out of style, it’s the business card. While we may direct clients to our twitter handle, LinkedIn account, and Facebook page, there is something dazzlingly professional and tangible about the small card that passes from one hand to another.

If you’re at a party, it’s clunky and time consuming to take out your phone and type someone’s twitter handle—it’s still much easier to whip out your card, which technology can’t replace. Whatever your profession, your business card should dress your business for success.

Gone are the days of a simple rectangle card with a name and title—those designs are so bland, they’ll end up in the garbage. Below are some suggestions on how to create a card that stands the test of time:

Less Actually Is More

Minimalism is in. The only information that belongs on a business card is this: your name, job title, email address, phone number, and website. A cluttered card is too much for the eye to handle, meaning the recipient will forget about you.

Be consistent with your logo and brand. It should be the same on your website and business card. Linking to your social media profiles should only belong on your website, not on your business card. If someone is really interested in your Pinterest, they’ll find you.

If you don’t have a professional website, it is acceptable to provide your LinkedIn page, which is essentially your online resume.

If you have multiple businesses or professions (ie: you work in IT by day, but are a comedian by night) create separate business cards. It’s confusing to try to intertwine both.

Your Business Card Is Art


Don’t skimp on design or quality. If you are looking for business or to enhance your career, bring only your best. Think of it as an interview: would you really wear a beat up jacket and sneakers?

Use white space by utilizing QR codes or using both sides to spread out the information. Don’t forget about color, either. Use metallic foil stamps for your logo if you’re in a creative field; play with embossing if you want subtle elegance.

Think about paper thickness, card shape, and typography. Instead of a rectangle, what about a circle in clear plastic? We created a Pinterest board of some of our favorite business cards for inspiration.

Show us pictures of your business card in the comments section.