Believe it or not, one of the most sought-after print marketing pieces today is the brochure. This type of marketing collateral is still effective because its trifold design allows for multiple inserts, making it both useful and versatile. A company can utilize a brochure to deliver a significant amount of information about a business, service, or product in a creative and appealing manner. There are various specialty treatments and coatings that can easily be applied to a brochure in order to make it more interesting, such as die-cuts, spot UV, and soft touch lamination. But the most important thing to consider is the overall design of the brochure. If you want to create one that someone will actually take a minute to read, the look and feel of it must be attractive, clean, and professional. You can achieve this with the following tips:

  •  Use custom or high quality stock imagery
  • Adhere to a grid system throughout the design of your brochure
  • Stay true to your brand by means of typefaces, colors, and themes

Below, we’ve put together a few InDesign templates that you can download for free to use for your next print brochure.

FYI: All InDesign templates are set up with 0.5″ margins and 0.125″ bleed.