Fonts speak volumes in more ways than one.

The first thing you might notice about a brand is the typeface used to illustrate its name. It’s likely that the selected typeface will leave some sort of first impression on you. If the type is a script style the word chic or elegant might come to mind, or if a serif style is used it might give off feelings of being traditional or classic. There are many connotations that can be associated with various typefaces, and therefore associated with a brand itself. That’s why it’s crucial to carefully select a typeface that embodies all elements of your brand.

Not only does typography convey the personality and style of your brand, it can also suggest a historical meaning or cultural content. When considering what typeface would be used during VPM’s 2013 rebrand, VPM’s designers took into consideration the company’s history in Manhattan, work ethics, and 24/7 operation. The primary typeface for VPM became (and is now) Interstate, which is also the most commonly used typeface by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration. Interstate reflects the urban, industrial, and fast-paced environment that is NYC, and therefore aligns with the VPM brand.

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