There are so many holiday movies that make us laugh out loud hysterically. To get everyone in the holiday spirit this month, team VPM had a long, hilarious debate on which clips were the absolute best ones from some of our favorite holiday movies. Check out the movies and clips that made the list, below:

Clearly, we know who is to blame for these unruly temperatures this December. Tisk, tisk, Snow Miser/Heat Miser:


ELF is too funny to pick only one clip, so here’s a nice, little compilation of a few of them:


Jack Black and Jason Segel’s animated take on “Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy” is a as funny as you’d imagine:


Can’t help but love any clip with our favorite Debbie Downer, Charlie Brown:


“Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!” BEST. LINE. EVER. And Home Alone 2 is the best movie ever. Now, get down on your knees and watch this clip:


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