In many ways, Batman is like the rest of us: he is a man with flaws who strives to become a superhero, not merely by strength, but through serving justice. When Batman first appeared in the “Detective Comics #27” comic book on March 30, 1939, with artwork by Bob Kane and story by Bill Finger, no one truly realized they were building a symbol of hope that illuminates even the darkest corners. Ever since, he has appeared in films more than any other superhero. To say Batman has been successful would be a gross understatement; for New Yorkers especially, Batman represents a kind side to our tough-as-nails city attitude. That’s one of the reasons we love Batman at Village Print & Media–he illuminates Gotham at its best.

Over these last 75 years, Batman’s costume has been revamped—the guys over at Screenrant created a cool infographic that includes most of his wardrobe adjustments. There’s even been a Rainbow Batman & a Zebra Batman! Business Insider also created a gallery detailing many incarnations since 1939 until the present time.

A quick look at Batman’s ever-changing costumes illustrates the audience’s need for an evolving superhero: what started as a kitschy, fun superhero evolved into the complex, troubled Dark Knight brought to life by Christian Bale via Chris Nolan’s epic trilogy The Dark Knight. Visually, this shift can be seen quite easily: in 1939, he is portrayed with purple gloves and large, winged ears; by 2014, he wears a formidable black suit with grey accents, and a mask with smaller ears that obscures most of his face.

The evolution of Batman indicates our cultural desire for a hero to be complicated, but most importantly, relatable. Through these design changes, a new tone is set; this shift occurs in businesses everywhere, not just in comics, movies, and television. With changing needs as a result of a constantly expanding world, utilizing design as a method to transform your business’ evolving aesthetic is not only smart, but necessary for growth.

There will be many celebrations during the upcoming year, the highlights below:

– The launch of Batman Day on July 23. DC is partnering with comic shops, bookstores and libraries across the country to hold parties and give out a new special-edition Batman comic.

– On October 4, the release of the new video game, Batman: Arkham Knight, will be launched.

-Fashion designer Asher Levine is creating a cape based on the Batsuit from the new video game. The works will be showcased at San Diego Comic-Con in July as part of a “Cape/Cowl/Create” art exhibit.

– Two new animated shorts will debut in April with one each from famed producer Bruce Timm (Batman: The Animated Series) and artist Darwyn Cooke (DC: The Final Frontier).

– For the first time ever, the 1960s Batman TV series featuring Adam West as Bruce Wayne and his Caped Crusader alter ego will be released on home video. The debut of the straight-to-video animated films Son of Batman (May 6) and Assault on Arkham (summer 2014) as well as a 25th-anniversary release of Tim Burton’s Batman movie in the fall.

– New Batman comic books, anniversary issues and covers, including the recently released special edition of “Detective Comics #27″ and the upcoming weekly series “Batman Eternal” in April. DC Comics has also launched, a site dedicated to the character’s anniversary.

– Fox is releasing their upcoming episode of “Gotham,” a one-hour drama, which portrays the origin stories of police commissioner James Gordon and Gotham’s villains. The show will star Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon.

-Last but definitely not least: Warner Bros. Pictures will finally begin production of Zack Snyder’s Superman/Batman film starring Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck. As of now, the project has yet to be named. The film is scheduled to be released in 2016.

What is your favorite incarnation of Batman? Share your opinion in the comments below.