When it comes to digital marketing, animation is quite influential and therefore a smart investment for your brand. Some businesses tend to overlook animation due to it’s association with cartoons and children’s films, but that’s a mistake! This type of media content incorporates both imagination and creativity, which are powerful tools when it comes to captivating an audience, and can instantly explain your business offerings in an attention-grabbing way. Here are a couple styles of animation to consider incorporating into your business strategy:

Traditional animation is an older style in which the artist used to draw every frame to create the animation sequence. Each drawing would then be individually photographed and quickly screened to create the illusion of movement. This process has become much more effective in the modern age, as computers and tablets have replaced the need to shoot each frame with a camera; however, there is a sense of authenticity that comes with the original practice which can convey feelings of nostalgia. Depending on what kind of company you are and what type of marketing campaign you’re doing, this may be a desired effect.

2D animation is a newer style created in a two-dimensional context. Since this is now a fully digital technique, it has allowed for the use of revolutionary technology to produce stunning artistic detail – similar to what’s come to be expected from modern films. One of the top benefits of going 2D is that it allows a single artist to create the content with programs such as Adobe After Effects. This economical approach is frequently used in advertising and publishing.

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