In the dead of winter, it might be difficult to truly appreciate or visualize the use of Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017, Greenery— a zesty color of nature meant to evoke feelings of renewal and rejuvenation, that pays ode to the fortifying attributes of our environment. While we’ve already begun to see the color infused into patterns on the runway and trendy furniture collections, it’s still difficult to imagine oneself immersed in this color, especially if you’re dealing with 20-degree weather in a city like New York.

In hopes of showing people how to seamlessly transition Pantone’s Color of the Year into their every day lives, Pantone teamed up with Airbnb to create an immersive experience that will just do that. This comes in the form of a space called Outside In: a “Greenery” filled home for up to four people, consisting of two bedrooms, three beds, and one bathroom. Guests will be able to shower in the “rainforest room,” bathe in an indoor “tropical lagoon,” and are encouraged  to use the outdoor space for relaxing activities such as yoga or reading.

According to Pantone:

“This magical haven will feature a woodland reception, an indoor greenhouse that doubles as a dining room, garden bedroom with mown lawn, topiaries and soporific plants, a tented nook for children to sleep in and a herb garden kitchen.

As guests cross the earthy threshold, they will be fully immersed in the outside, in. They will be greeted by the house ‘groundskeeper’ with a fresh and healthy green juice, made locally and color-matched to PANTONE 15-0343 Greenery. As they leave they can rest assured that the house is environmentally green too; all materials will be recycled where possible and spare plants will be donated to community gardens.”

All guests are welcome to stay overnight for 200 pounds, and will be able to sleep soundly knowing that all proceeds from the overnight stay will be donated by Pantone to AIGA.

Intrigued to see the house, but aren’t able to stay overnight? You can also book a spot at one of the Outside In house experience events, hosted by Airbnb’s new feature, Trips, which will feature local-friendly activities, such as the  “Make Gin From Scratch” night. Here, guests will be able to tour the house and taste different nature-inspired gin concoctions.

As we’re left to shrivel up in the depths of winter, nothing seems more appealing than a mini getaway like this one. The “Outside In” house, hosted by Pantone, is located at 4 Dingley Place, Clerkenwell. Now open for bookings from January 27 – 30, head to to reserve your spot. To book one of the free trial Trips available at the house, visit Eventbrite.

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