*by Bethany Whiteman


With all of the hustle and bustle going on around us, it’s easy for New Yorkers to overlook environmental issues. In an effort to make people more aware, Toronto-based artist collective Studio F Minus has built “Air Pressure,” an animated installation that stresses the importance of clean air in urban places.

Artists Brad Hindson and Michael Chan constructed 175 fabric bird-like figures that were suspended from the inside air space throughout Brookfield Place. The fabric used to construct each bird is air opaque cotton. This material allows air to move fluidly and gracefully throughout the body of the bird. Within each bird there is an automatic electronic fan that circulates air throughout the body. Each fan has a timer to release various amounts of air to create the illusion that all 175 birds are flying, while inflating and deflating depending on the air pressure each is given.

Find out visiting hours for “Air Pressure” at Brookfield Place New York, here, and watch more about the installation, below:

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