After much speculation in 2015, it’s become clear that adult coloring books have a very bright and fruitful future. People are utilizing this childhood pastime as a means to reduce anxiety and relieve stress not only in the private of their own homes, but very much so in public; we’ve seen it on NJTransit, the L train, at Bryant Park, and even in our own office. If you’ve been hesitant at giving it a go, now’s the time to give your therapist a break and finally purchase an adult coloring books. Here are some of VPM’s favorites:

Wanderlust & Relaxation
Secret New York: Color Your Way To Calm
National Parks
Travel Between the Lines Adult Coloring Book: Inspirational Coloring for Globetrotters and Daydreamers

Motivation & Inspiration
You Got This: A Mantra Coloring Book
Good Vibes
Attitude is Everything

Humor & Creativity
Unicorns Are Jerks
Dead Shark: The Break-Up Coloring Book
Dizzy Coloring Pages: Featuring Lyrics (If You’re Coloring This, It’s Too Late)

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