It’s not about usit’s about you: your deadlines, your image, your business objectives, and how we can help you meet and exceed them. Many visitors skip this section and move right to Services, and we’re fine with that, but if you’re determined…by all means, read on. In anticipation of your curiosity, but respectful of your time (this is New York, after all), we’ve boiled down over 45 years of real New York experience into four bullet points:

  • You have something extremely critical to communicate
  • Anything less than outstanding quality is simply not acceptable
  • You don’t have time or patience for excuses
  • You need it yesterday (earlier, if at all possible)

Does that about sum it up? This is where we thrive. For over 45 years, VPM has consistently provided clients with the quality and commitment they need to always be presented at their very best. A 24/7 company located in the heart of Manhattan, our services include digital printing, offset printing, specialty printing, promo items, and all types of creative solutions through VSEEN, our creative agency. What’s our secret to success? We know what you need and we deliver it—at New York speed. Partner with us on your next project and find out for yourself.

VSEEN is a creative agency serving VPM and the world’s most notable brands. A team of highly visual individuals, skilled designers, and bold thinkers, we are dedicated to going above and beyond to deliver the most innovative and smartest solutions. Through a combination of rich history, expertise, and, quite frankly, ingeniousness, VSEEN is uniquely positioned to help companies achieve excellence and be leaders in their industries. We thrive when we set out to accomplish tasks that others might find impossible.

You name the brand, we work with them.

10 East 39th Street
New York, NY 10016

Phone: 212.869.9665

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