Mondays are rough. To help ease your mind and awaken your senses, we’ve rounded up six pieces of creative content that will allow you to slowly get back into the work week groove. Sip your coffee and read below to get your creative juices flowing!

  • Attention young designers: this is what you need to know about copyright law. Unfortunately, it’s more than most think.
  • See the pop-up shop in Soho that was the winner for Brand Environments at the Innovation by Design Awards 2016.
  • Perfect for a gloomy Monday mood: the dark and violent history of children’s beloved gingerbread cookies.
  • Can you figure out the mystery message inside of this love story before it ends?
  • Get crafty with these holiday DIY’s that designers love!
  • Favorite Holiday Ad: H&M – Come Together, by Wes Anderson (See below!)