We know how excited you are to indulge in an extravagant, romantic dinner before heading to the premiere of the highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey for Valentine’s Day. On the off chance that you’re not as into this holiday or Christian Grey like most New Yorkers, here’s a quick list of a few alternatives to try out this weekend—with or without a significant other.

If one part of you is feeling major FOMO (fear of missing out) on a traditional dinner, and the other part still wants to try an alternative activity this weekend, take your date to “Dinner in the Dark” at Camaje. Here, you experience a multi-course meal while blindfolded. Camaje says that, “Without sight, senses are heightened. Smells, textures and sounds all become more intense.” While this dining experience is very popular overseas in Paris and London, it hasn’t quite taken off in New York just yet. Be chic and hip this Valentine’s Day with this unique, yet traditional fancy dinner for two.

Missed Connections is a Brooklyn-based party that’s geared towards this city’s would-be romantics. Learn about relationship data and analytics from this year’s top matchmaking websites, while pouring your heart out in crafting, tasting local craft beers and wine, and partying as if it is any other weekend.

Nothing speaks volumes to a woman more than when a man brings home bread and butter (and the bacon, usually). Skip traditional dinner plans completely. Instead, cook a meal at home together, beginning with heart-shaped bread from Hot Bread Kitchen Incubator in the back of La Marqueta in East Harlem. Not only is this bread an adorable touch to add to your holiday meal, but also your friends or significant other will appreciate your long journey to Harlem to pick it up.

Walks around Manhattan are always magical. Take a stroll with some friends or your partner down Broadway to interact with Heartbeat, an urban drum in the heart of Times Square. The design firm responsible for its construction, Stereotank, says, “In the emblematic, active, flickering atmosphere of Times Square, Heartbeat orchestrates multiple rhythms into a unique urban concert.” Sounds like this installation is worth a shot.

This one is for all the men in NYC: If you cannot think of anything unique to satisfy your significant other, the very least you can do is to buy a heart cake topped with gold. Lady Lexis Sweets located in the historic Mount Morris district in East Harlem creates an annual Valentine’s Day red velvet heart cake topped with 23 Karat gold leaf. If gold doesn’t do the trick, then good luck to you.