Only in New York are people paid for being crazy. Call them artists or innovators—they somehow manage to market their brand of crazy in order to make money. Where else, but NYC, would you find a guide to protect street performers?

1. Sexy Cowboy/Girl

The Sexy Cowboy or girl is a walking Victoria’s Secret ad, if Victoria’s Secret was a Western film. They literally just stand there, only dressed in too tight underwear, like bizarre statues. If someone is willing to stand practically naked even in the dead of winter, you’ll be sure we’ll give them some money.

2. Dancing Dudes

Usually, you spot them on the subway. They come in with a sound system, blaring music loud enough for a deaf person to hear. Sometimes these guys are truly talented, but most of the time, we’re bored watching them do the same pole dancing moves over and over.

3. The Religious Fanatic (AKA Speech Maker)

The Religious Fanatic is usually also a Self-Talker. They seem to be talking to an invisible audience, oblivious to the actual people around them. While we aren’t dogging religion, these people are zealots, usually yelling bleak phrases about the end of the world. Whether they actually believe what they are yelling or are acting in some weird fashion is yet to be determined.

4. The Mystic

The Mystic is usually found on sidewalks or in major parks, such as Union Square. They try to stop you right in your tracks, demanding that you need your tarot cards read, that your future depends on it!

5. Cat Man
Cat Man is our personal favorite, because he’s the most innovative. A cat on your head? Ingenious.