New York City is the kind of place where you can live here for twenty years and still not ‘see it all.’ Think you have? Think again. Below are more zany characters you’ll meet on the street; if you missed our first installment, check it out here:

1. Human Statue

At first, you almost walk by without notice, but something out of the corner of your eye stops you at the last second. Perhaps it’s that tiny flinch in the person’s face or their chest rising nearly imperceptibly that tips you off. Often times, the Human Statue wears a costume, like an old soldier’s garb, to catch your attention. It’s not a new statue in Central Park, it’s actually a guy looking for fast cash.

2. Dirty Spiderman

From a distance, this culprit looks like one of our favorite heroes out to fight NYC crime; kids everywhere are excited to get their picture taken with this comic book wonder. Upon closer inspection, this crime fighting hero is anything but—his costume is stained and ripped, and worse, it looks like he hasn’t showered in a century. Personally, we’re going to stay away from this one.

3. Golden Guy

Golden Guy is our personal favorite—it takes dedication to spray paint your entire body gold. How could we not respect that extreme degree of commitment?

4. Beat Boxer

You’re minding your own business, when suddenly, you hear a mechanical noise. You know it’s not the subway—could it be aliens? As you get closer to the source, you realize it’s just a guy with electronic equipment. Don’t know what beat boxing is? Check it out here.

5. Statue of Liberty  

Similar to the Human Statue, the Statue of Liberty emulates our very own Lady Liberty. Usually, she is found in Central Park, taking pictures with happy children and tourists in the summer. Nothing like a little bit of NYC spirit!