Sadly, summer will soon be ending. What does this mean? It means that winter and misery are slowly approaching, and many of our favorite things to do during this season will be ripped away from us. In the meantime, here are 5 things you must do in Midtown before summer comes to a close.

Get a lobster roll, now

If you’ve missed out on a lobster roll from the lobster truck at Bryant Park then you’ve missed out on life, kind of. Lobster rolls and summer go hand in hand, or should we say, mouth in mouth; this is why getting yourself a lobster roll is an absolute must-do before summer’s end. While this mobile slice of lobster heaven has made it’s way from Bryant Park to Jersey for the rest of the summer, you can still snag a bite of the sea in Midtown East. Luke’s Lobster has one of the best lobster rolls in the city, as voted by Thrillist, Time Out New York, CBS News, NY Daily News, and many other publications.

Get on to the rooftop of 230 Fifth

We already know what you’re thinking—”yeah, no, that’s a tourist trap.” Okay, yes, many tourists do flock to this hotspot rooftop and stay until sunset, hoping to get their hands on their signature red-hooded robes that resemble the threads of the Voltori clan. Nonetheless, the 230 Fifth’s rooftop is extremely spacious, the atmosphere is always lively, and the views of the city, especially the Empire State Building, are undeniably gorgeous. Make your way over here with coworkers in the coming weeks, and do let us know if you regret it one bit.

Get a plate full of $1 oysters with a glass of rosé

Who knows how many New Yorkers actually like oysters, but come summer, all the bars and their patrons lose their minds over $1 oyster happy hours and half price glasses of rosé . With only a few weeks left, try The Liberty or Crave Fishbar for an array of $1 oysters on the half shelf and a crisp glass of Rose.

Get yourself an ice cream cone

If you think there’s anything better than an ice cream cone from one of the dozens of ice cream trucks floating around Midtown, well, we’re just going to say it— you’re wrong. Soon enough, this lunchtime indulgence is going to disappear for an entire 9 months and you’re going to be miserable. Therefore, treat yourself to a waffle cone twist with sprinkles, maybe even double dipped, go nuts and don’t count the calories!

Get the hell out of Midtown

Midtown— it’s the heart of this great city and it’s our home sweet home. But let’s face it, come summer, the crowded streets filled with foreigners and their selfie sticks are almost as umbarable as the disgusting sheet of heat and humidity that it’s covered by. Take a day off before the September rush, and head to the beach. A $25 round-trip ferry ride from the city to Sandy Hook is guaranteed to offer breezy ocean bliss on a boat, and a day away from the hell of Midtown’s heatwave. Check out this limited time offer of a $25 round-trip ferry ride to Sandy Hook from Seastreak here.

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