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Well, summer is officially over. Memories of vacation have faded faster than your tan. Kids are back to school, traffic is heavier and everyone is back in work mode. The holidays (gasp!) will be here in like what?, an hour or two? It’s time to show clients and customers you care and appreciate their business. It is the season of the holiday card!

In these days of abbreviated electronic communications, a thoughtful, well crafted greeting card is more appreciated than ever.  Here are five reasons (six if you want to get technical) to include them as part of your communications plan.

  1. It’s just plain nice and it’s good to be thought of as nice. Your customers have given you their business — and their money. Wishing them a happy holiday is a way to acknowledge this and show your appreciation.
  2. You are reinforcing your brand, marketing your services and generally reminding clients that you are there for them. Word of caution though, don’t pitch them in the holiday card. A genuine thank you and well wishes for the season are your strongest message here.
  3. It gives you a chance to go through your client database. Throughout the year you may be sending outgoing communications to specific segments of clients and prospects. This is an opportunity to review the whole enchilada.
  4. A well designed visual will make a lasting impression. In today’s economic climate, many businesses are looking for ways to cut costs and nixing the holiday cards to clients or customers may be one of them. But the message you send far outweighs the costs. Put some thought into the visual and the message and make it a part of your annual marketing or business development budget.
  5. You give the impression that you are on top of your game. Let’s face it, people and businesses who manage to get their cards out in the midst of this crazy season tend to come across as organized, timely people.

OK, there’s one more reason.

Order your holiday cards from Village Print & Media before October 31st and receive 10% off!  But please don’t wait till October 31st if it’s a Halloween card. Thank you.