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If you’re a New Yorker, there is at least one thing that you think you are absolutely sure of: where to find the “best” pizza. To put it simply, enjoying the perfect pizza pie is like having a religious experience. Surprising to outsiders, finding the perfect pie in this city can prove to be challenging because every pizzeria in New York claims to make the best pizza ever. For some places, their customers become so committed that they’ll swear by their pies to the very end; it becomes a very real ride or die situation for these people. We’re going to go as far as to say that most New Yorkers would agree that it’s nearly impossible to name one place that makes the absolute “best” pizza in Manhattan. Instead of wasting our time arguing, we’re going to spend our time eating.

Recently, many people in the office here at VPM have been talking about different restaurants and pizzerias that they ventured to over the holiday break. This month, our team is going to check out a few of these joints and see (or taste) what all of the fuss is about. Below is a list compiled of all of the recommended pizza pies/places that we’re planning to take a bite into. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to offer them up!


Place: VEZZO Thin Crust Pizza

Pizza: Shroomtown

Spot: Midtown

Place: GG’s

Pizza: Grandma Style (Square) and Ebony & Ivory

Spot: LES

Place: Marta


Spot: Flatiron

Place: Vic’s

Pizza: Soppressata & Calabrian Chilies

Spot: LES

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