Let’s face it— by mid work week in the summer, your mind and body have completely checked out; your work mode is off, your motor skills begin to decline, and your eyes can no longer stare at your computer screen. Regardless of the fact that your entire office has unanimously hit a rock solid wall come Wednesday afternoon, you’ve got to keep on keepin’ on. Our team at VPM knows what it’s like to suffer from midweek tiredness all too well. Therefore, we thought we’d share with you some of the ways that we reboot our brains when the going gets tough:

Power nap, power walk, power something.

Our senior sales team, including Sales Manager Nicole Prechtl, recommends taking 10-15 minutes to rest and reboot. “Close your eyes at your desk for a few minutes, throw on your headphones and take a walk around the block, or take a few laps between your desk and the water cooler. You either need to relax for a bit or get the blood flowing to wake your senses back up.”

Redbull gives you wings.

This slogan is perfectly fitting to its product, according to our Director of Operations, Anthony Viola. “I always drink a Redbull, usually sugar free, or some kind of energy drink whenever I need a boost. It seriously never fails to do its job and wake me up!”

Chocolate. Need we say more?

If you don’t know, now you know…apparently, dark chocolate has almost as much caffeine in it as a can of coke. We think our teammate Gary Calder, lover of all things Coca Cola, would beg to differ. Yet, the rest of us choose to believe this wonderful, so-called fact about chocolate, and use it as an excuse to eat it as often as possible, especially when we’re on our last leg during the day.

Any suggestions on how you and your coworkers get through the work day when you begin to lose your energy? Leave us a comment on LinkedIn or tweet at us!

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