During the most wonderful time of the year, one thing in particular might stand out as you walk along the streets of New York City—holiday signage. From retailers to restaurants, signage is used to emulate the season and notify your customers of all the specials and sales you have to offer them. Quality signage will ensure that your message is delivered clearly, while still having the capable to look creative and unique. Although there are many different kinds of signage that can be used, we have a few favorite types that recommend to clients based on reliability, usability, and uniqueness. Here are 3 types of signage that are great for the holiday season:
Gator Board

Gator board is a basic, thicker poster board that is durable and cost-efficient. This material resists warping, can be used indoor or laminated to become water-resistant for outdoor use, and can be easily stored and reused, with little to no damage. The advantages of gator board’s firm surface are endless, as it can be used as backing for everything from posters and artwork to wet materials like paper-clay or stucco finishes.

Second Surface Vinyl

Second surface vinyl is the kind of signage you see on window fronts. It’s an adhesive material that is applied on the inner side of a window, which allows it to stay in mint condition regardless of weather or temperatures. This type of vinyl allows for specialized treatment, such as die-cutting, and comes in various specialized stocks, such as metallics, to help you create a colorful and unique display that will be eye-catching to your customers.


Acrylic signage is extremely malleable, as it is flexible in both function and style. It’s a transparent alternative to traditional glass that has a very high-end look and feel to it. The material itself is weather-resistant, thick and sturdy, and eco-friendly. This type of signage can be used for nearly anything. Most importantly, it will leave a lasting impression on your customers, especially during the holiday season.