VPM thrives off of the energy that is exerted daily from this amazing concrete jungle. We are inspired by the people we come across on the streets, the magnitude and awe factor of the skyscrapers, and the fast-paced atmosphere that makes up Manhattan. While we don’t have to walk far to find inspiration (the heart of Fifth Ave is only a few steps outside our door), Instagram serves us well as a platform of refuge when we need a quick pick-me-up while hard at work in the office.

Below are three of our favorite NYC based Instagram accounts that inspire us daily. Check them out, begin following, and then head to VPM’s account here for some Midtown insta-inspiration.

Live and East Village (East Village Lives)

New York city is absolutely massive. Therefore, we love when there are accounts that have a niche. East Village Lives features awesome shots of both ariel and street views of the LES, mixing in occasional close ups of brownstones and street signs that capture the quirky character of the east. With the addition of weekly snaps of brunch, bagels, and latte’s, the account makes the East Village look like the most desirable place in Manhattan.

New York City Through My Eyes

We love how this account seamlessly captures the beauty and darkness of NYC. His photographs show how everything from the streets to the subway cars to the skyscrapers can be both majestic and haunting. There’s a powerful vibrance that NYC exudes when the night falls and all of city lights go on;  the photographer of this account does an awesome job at depicting that energy through the way he captures light in many of his nighttime images.

Humans of New York

We’re not going to lie— it would be a bit shocking if you’re from New York and don’t follow Brandon Stanton’s account. His photoblog of the many faces of NYC’s inhabitants never fails to amuse us, inspire us, or feed us with great stories about perfectly random strangers. What’s more incredible than the actual feed itself is the information he is able to attain. If you know New Yorkers than you know that they don’t give anyone the time of day, let alone the chance to hear a random fact or story about themselves. Meanwhile, Stanton is able to seamlessly collect intimate details, quotes, and stories from strangers he meets on the street and share them with the world.

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