Last week, the Academy of Motion Pictures and Science announced the nominations for the 2016 Oscars. As predicted by our Motion Graphics Designer, Belinda Whiteman, last month, Bear Story and Sanjay’s Super Team were among the five nominees selected for the animated shorts category (awesome job!). We’re not going to lie though, many of us were rooting for CalArts college student, Seth Boyden’s, thesis film, An Object At Rest, to be a finalist, as he would have been the youngest to receive a nomination for an animated short (not to mention, it’s the most beautifully told story we’ve ever heard about a rock). Nonetheless, we trust that the academy has selected the right players. So, who do we think will take home the infamous statuette? “I’m going to stick with my instincts and still go with either Bear Story or Sanjay’s Super Team,” says Belinda. Check out clips from each of the final nominee’s animated shorts, below, and share your thoughts on who you think deserves to win the most recognizable trophy in the world, via LinkedIn and Twitter!

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